Gather. Mine. Extract. Easily, objectively, reliably. KnowledgeMiner: Software that extracts knowledge from data.
Companies that use KnowledgeMiner: Boeing, NASA, Mobil, Pfizer, MIT
Apple, Inc.
Customer raves: KnowledgeMiner is the only product that I have found that makes it easy to try non-standard equation formats on a data set.
Intel Software Partner
Mac OS X, Leopard, Snow Leopard
KnowledgeMiner from Plum Amazing: 64-bit, multi-core, parallel, self-organizing modeling and prediction software for high-dimensional, complex systems.
Global Warming prediction of northern and southern hemispheres to help describing and understanding climate change related problems. What is KnowledgeMiner (yX)? Self-organizing modeling. Publications by users. Latest press release.

KnowledgeMiner applications: Where and how fast is climate change occuring? Where is the economy headed? Can new chemicals be tested for toxicity by KnowledgeMiner instead of using animals? Will energy consumption grow or decline and by how much in different regions? How to find relevant patterns in 10K+ variables? Download KnowledgeMiner and get the book 'Self-organizing Data Mining. Extracting Knowledge from Data.' by J.-A. Mueller and Frank Lemke free!
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